Plaza Watch! Mother-Daughter Duo Buy Spreads, May Flee Palace

After enduring a high-profile lawsuit with the Waldorf Astoria and a stint at the Palace Hotel, Barbara Guthmacher Girard closed on a $4.7 million condo at the Plaza a couple of weeks ago. Though Ms. Gutmacher Girard signed the contract for the 1,760-square-foot, 18th-floor apartment over two years ago, she said in an interview recently that she and her wheelchair-bound, elderly mother may not move into the Plaza afterall because they had become so comfortable at the Palace.

Presumably, they have reconsidered, because her mother Rose Gutmacher has closed on her own $3.4 million apartment next-door in the newly renovated residential branch of the Plaza, city records show.

The Plaza will be the third luxury hotel the mother and daughter have lived in since 2005, when the elder Ms. Gutmacher slapped the Waldorf Astoria with an $8 million discrimination suit for jacking up the $37,500 monthly rent on the adjoining 49th-floor suites they lived in for five months to $63,690. The hotel management also refused to give the Gutmachers a long-term lease, claiming the elder Ms. Gutmacher overtaxed the Waldorff staff and pestered guest services. A settlement was reached in a little more than a month, but the terms were not disclosed.