Times Copy Chief Merrill Perlman Takes a Buyout; More to Follow?

The Times copy chief Merrill Perlman is on the buyout list, said a newsroom source. Apparently, she’s making her way around the newsroom today to announce her departure. Ms. Perlman has been an institution at the paper for nearly 25 years, and was one of the biggest voices in helping finish up the most recent version of New York Times Manual of Style and Usage. Why doesn’t the paper use the serial comma? She explains here.

Tomorrow is the last day that newsroom staffers can raise their hand and volunteer for a buyout. We’re hearing that Bill Schmdit’s memo from last week–which said that unless more people take buyouts then layoffs are next– is having some impact, and that several Times staffers who weren’t expected to take a buyout could announce that they’re taking the money by tomorrow.