Meeks: Obama's Renunciation Was Political

Representative Gregory Meeks of New York, a Hillary Clinton supporter, thinks that Barack Obama’s disavowal of his former pastor Jeremiah Wright this afternoon was mostly about politics.

“Obama is trying protect his campaign,” Meeks said. “According to Reverend Wright, Obama is going to do what he has to do as a politician. And Reverend Wright is going to do what he has to do as a pastor. I think that Obama is feeling some of the heat and some of the pressure, and I’m sure that coming to the end of this campaign he has to face it and he has to respond. He tried not to, but because of Reverend Wright’s continuations, he is doing what he has to do politically.”  

Asked if he believed Senator Obama’s remarks today were sincere, Meeks said, “I take Senator Obama at his word — he says that Reverend Wright doesn’t speak for him.”