Mia Farrow is Off to Hong Kong

miafarrow Mia Farrow is Off to Hong KongMia Farrow is back to her world-saving ways.

The 63-year-old actress will travel to Hong Kong to give a speech entitled "Darfur and the Olympics" to use the Olympic games to pressure China to help stop violence in Darfur, Sudan. Ms. Farrow will speak to the Foreign Correspondents Club as the torch passes through the city, the AFP reported.

Ms. Farrow, who is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and longtime Darfur activist, has already convinced Steven Spielberg to withdraw as an artistic adviser to the Olympic games when she wagged her finger at his conscience in February.

The worldwide passing of the Olympic torch was marked with protests about the situation in Tibet and labor issues in China, but also China’s large oil investments in the Sudan. But according to the AFP, it is uncertain whether Ms. Farrow will actually participate in street protests during the torch relay.