Morning Memo: Blake Lively Is Just Like Us! Joan Rivers, Not So Much

Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively is so just one of the people, while Helena Christensen is categorically not. Ms. Lively went to Café Habana over the weekend and waited in line! For more than half an hour! Meanwhile, Ms. Christensen walked up to the eatery but kept on walking when she saw there was a wait. [P6]

In which Regis Philbin is said to be mean to coat-check attendants and people who look at him. [P6]

Jennifer Connelly and her kids walk to Central Park to get dirty drinking water because that is how many mothers in Africa do things. Of course she does. [Radar]

If Barbara Corcoran were to lie down and be the carpet under Joan Rivers’ feet, what color carpet would she be? That’s what Ms. Rivers wanted to know as the two engaged in an altercation over refusing to share a dressing room on the Today show yesterday. [P6]

Eliot Spitzer allegedly told friends that his wife, Silda, knew all along about his liaisons with hookers, but looked the other way. [P6]

Despite telling Vanity Fair recently that New York is so over, Madonna is buying a third apartment in her Central Park West building after settling her longtime dispute with the building’s co-op board. [NY Daily News]

Ashley Simpson is engaged to Fall Out Boy’s bassist Pete Wentz. Second round of MTV’s Newlyweds: The Second Daughter will begin filming shortly. Kidding! For now anyway. [NY Daily News]

Tina Brown, Joan Didion, Sean Penn and Charlie Rose gathered at Carnegie Hall for a farewell to Norman Mailer yesterday. [NY Social Diary]

Before hopping over to do a fund-raiser for Hillary last night, Elton John performed at the annual Pink Party for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation Tuesday night attended by Liz Hurley and Gwyneth Paltrow. [NY Daily News]

Morning Memo: Blake Lively Is Just Like Us! Joan Rivers, Not So Much