Morning Memo: Cindy McCain Metes Out Swift Justice; Death Comes to Sex and the City

A spokesperson for the McCains said that the intern that was supposedly responsible for recipes lifted off of the Food Network site, has been “dealt with swiftly,” which we find scary. [AP]

And now Cindy McCain will co-host The View next week to say that she had no idea the recipes were plagiarized and laugh about the whole thing so that America’s housewives can forgive her. Perhaps Bill Clinton will undermine her by saying it was a senior moment? [ US Weekly]

Cynthia Nixon told the audience at the Zipper Theatre Tuesday night that one of the characters in Sex and the City: The Movie, is going to die. Start placing your bets! [P6]

For Tom Wolfe, the ultimate mystery are podcasts. [Daily Intel]

Eli Manning will marry his fiancee in Mexico this weekend. [NY Daily News]

Uma Thurman likes making out with boyfriend, Arpad Busson, in public places. [NY Daily News]

Mark Ronson. 32, is dating 18-year-old Daisy Lowe, Agent Provocateur model and daughter of Gavin Rossdale and designer, Pearl Lowe. [The Sun]