Morning Memo: Harrison Ford's Piercing Cry; Eli Manning's Mexican Wedding

If Hillary Clinton doesn’t make it this week, SNL‘s Amy Poehler will begin doing Ralph Nader impersonations instead. She’s already been practicing, you see. This sounds funny, like the movie Baby Mama! [NY Daily News]

Harrison Ford pierced his ear after a “semi-drunken” lunch with Ed Bradley and Jimmy Buffett. Oh, Harrison, it could have happened to anyone. [P6]

Shia LeBeouf tried and tried, but couldn’t score a date at The Beatrice Inn. [P6]

Ashley Dupre has been looking for a New York public relations agency to represent her and reportedly scored with the Susan Blond agency. Stay tuned for movie deal and a possible endorsement for a brand of men’s socks. [NY Daily News]

Evan Rachel Wood can hardly handle Marilyn Manson’s Mansinthe. [Intelligencer]

Gossip Girl is officially the most important show on televsion. [NY Mag]

Laura and Jenna Bush talk about collaborating on their children’s book. [NY Daily News]

Eli Manning wed his fiancee in Mexico over the weekend. [NY Daily News]