Morning Memo: Elle 'Aufs' Nina Garcia; Elton John Gets a Big Whiff of Tom Ford

Nina Garcia, You. Are. Out. The Project Runway judge reportedly got fired from her post as fashion director at Elle magazine last week. [US Weekly]

Barry Diller who’s recently triumphed in court over Liberty Media chairman, John Malone, has a brand new discrimination lawsuit on his hands. [P6]

Salman Rushdie is so over Padma Lakshmi. [P6]

Elton John really likes the way Tom Ford smells. [P6]

Donald Trump Jr. threatened Ivana Trump’s new husband, Rossano Rubicondi, with a .45 and a shovel, jokingly of course. [NY Daily News]

Now that he’s acquitted of tax-evasion charges, Wesley Snipes is celebrating by spending thousands of dollars on “babes.” [P6]

The Who‘s Roger Daltrey stays young by “shagging” a lot. [P6]

Jessica Stam and Michelle Trachtenberg eat bread! [NY Daily News]

MTV’s The Hills is now officially New Yorker-worthy. [New Yorker]