Morning Memo: It's Not a Bed Sheet, Miley! Salman Likes Acting; Steve Likes His Fedoras

After appearing in Scarlett Johansson’s music video, Salman Rushdie says that acting is an “itch that needs scratching.” [Vulture]

Don’t call that thing wrapped around Miley Cyrus a bed sheet! It’s a “duchess satin stole, Champagne, specially made,” says Vanity Fair. [Radar]

Sting likes to tight-rope walk in his garden in England. [P6]

Steve Martin has caught onto an important downtown hipster trend and is now wearing a fedora everywhere he goes. [P6]

Oh noes! All those pictures from the set of Sex and the City: The Movie might be carefully planned trickery on the part of the cast and crew to mislead us! [NY Daily News]

Girls gone litigious! Ashley Dupre was offered one million dollars by Girls Gone Wild producer Joe Francis within 24 hours of filing a $10 million suit against his company. [NY Daily News]