Morning Memo: That Pig, Bruce, and the 'Bunny Butcher'

An animal rights group that calls itself the Paint Panthers painted the words “Bunny Butcher” outside Donna Karan’s home in the Hamptons. [NY Daily News]

The Lower East Side still hates yuppies, apparently (a little self-loathing, no?). An activist tells Page Six that everyone is so pissed at Bruce Willis for opening his Bowery Wine Company on East First Street, that they are going to get a pig and name it Bruce. [P6]

Tom Cruise may be costing United Artists a lot of money and some speculate that he might go back to Papa Redstone at Paramount. [P6]

If he wasn’t already credited with enough, Howard Stern might also be responsible for reality television. [P6]

Despite denying rumors of any feuds, the ladies of Sex and the City sat separately from Sarah Jessica Parker at a gala Monday night. [NY Daily News]

Tory Burch, Annelise Peterson, Graydon Carter, Amy Fine Collins and Carly Simon gathered at the Waverly Inn on Monday to celebrate the release of Girls like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon—And the Journey of a Generation by Sheila Weller. [The Cut]

Morning Memo: That Pig, Bruce, and the 'Bunny Butcher'