Morning Memo: Wedding Bells For Jay-Z and Beyoncé; Zac Posen Waxes On

Jay-Z and Beyoncé really did get married on Friday! Well, we think. Mary J. Blige supposedly confirmed the news to her fans while performing in North Carolina over the weekend and witnesses have been leaking details to US Weekly and [NY Daily News]

Socialites coping with recession: Ivanka isn’t the type of person to buy Ferraris and large hats, Claire Bernard will walk her own dog, Arden Wohl thinks it’s one big lie. [Intelligencer]

Former Saturday Night Live funny girl Rachel Dratch is out of work and would work with George W. at this point. Dark recession days are upon us, it’s no lie Arden! [Intelligencer]

George Clooney talks about loving Obama, his girlfriend Sarah Larson (“Her grandmother had posters of me”) and his charm. [New Yorker]

Jerry Seinfeld’s cars keep breaking down. [P6]

Zac Posen apparently showed up to stylist Christopher Niquet’s birthday party at Le Royale last week attended by Natasha Lyonne, Genevieve Jones, and Leelee Sobieski and pulled out some karate moves on the dance floor. [P6]