Option Her! Lori Gottlieb's Atlantic Article Bought By Tobey Maguire

In news sure to infuriate feminist bloggers the world wide web over, Tobey Maguire’s production company has acquired the rights to Lori Gottlieb‘s controversial Atlantic story “Marry Him! The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough,” according to Variety‘s Michael Fleming.

Jezebel has been particularly relentless in criticizing Ms. Gottlieb, as in a February 8th post by features editor Moe Tkacik which asked:

Okay, so far be it from us to dispute a self-help manifesto constructed on the basis of possible alternate conclusions to popular television series, but what’s author Lori Gottlieb smoking? Well, she had a kid with an anonymous sperm donor and is 40 and really fucking lonely. Her looks have faded and the men she broke up with in her thirties because they were short/boring/rude to waiters/physically unattractive are looking real good around now. It’s sort of refreshing how honest she is, even though hers are thoughts any 28-year-old has already probably had in advance.

Feministing.com’s February 9th post generated 256 comments, including one that declares, “i’m appalled by this article on multiple levels.”

Just wait ’till you see Reese Witherspoon’s performance.