Richard Gere Looks To Flip at Schnabel's Chupi

Still reeling from getting dissed by the Material Girl herself, Julian Schnabel’s “Pompeii Red” Pallazzo Chupi in the West Village is losing one of its biggest celebrities (heck, it’s only celebrity, really). Richard Gere has been quietly marketing his “massive 4BR, 4BA spread in the Chupster for about a month now, through Sotheby’s broker Debbie Korb,” Curbed reported today.

Mr. Gere bought the apartment in September for $12 million and is now listing it at $17,995,000. Though the actor never moved in, the condo has been customized to his tastes so is reportedly “less show-offish than Chupi’s other units,” according to Curbed. For example Mr. Gere opted for a “more traditional white kitchen,” rather than the “funky green” found in Chupi’s other units.