Rob Weisbach Is Out as President and C.E.O. of Weinstein Books

Rob Weisbach, president and C.E.O. of Weinstein Books, is leaving the company “to pursue other publishing opportunities,” reports Michael Cader at industry resource Web site Publisher’s Marketplace. Harvey and Bob Weinstein brought Mr. Weisbach in as head of Miramax Books back in 2005, just as they were preparing to split from Disney and form their own company. When that new company was formed, Mr. Weisbach moved into the job he has held until today.


Unclear just yet whether Mr. Weisbach left on his own accord or was forced out (UPDATE: Matthew Frankel, a spokesman for Weinstein Books, confirmed that Mr. Weisbach made the decision on his own. Asked whether Mr. Weisbach has another job lined up, Mr. Frankel said, “He has something in store but I don’t know what it is.”), but Harvey Weinstein is quoted in PM as saying, “I am very proud of the work we did together and grateful for his service in launching our book division. We wish him the very best in the future.”