Robert Thomson, the Journal's 'Head of Content'

The Times has a mini-profile of Journal publisher Robert Thomson this morning. Here’s what we learned:

  • Thomson provides the clearest on-the-record description of his job: “I’m the head of content, that’s the simplest way to say it,” he said.
  • He told editors last week that the paper will dedicate $6 million a year, every year, to add to international coverage. On that he said, ““Foreign correspondents were incredibly frustrated. They couldn’t get international political stories in to the paper. That wasn’t Marcus’s fault. They just didn’t give him the investment.” And also: “We’ve increased the pagination to display more domestic and international news, not reduced the business story count.”
  • According to Tim Arango: “Mr. Thomson also encouraged Mr. Murdoch to buy The Wall Street Journal and, according to one person who knows both men, was a driving force behind the News Corporation’s offer.”