Sharpe James, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Dukakis

Sharpe James has been found guilty on all charges. [Star-Ledger

Bruce Springsteen is for Barack Obama. [Spin Cycle

Obama does, actually, have ties to lobbyists, says Ken Dilanian. [USA Today]

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette endorses Obama. [Post-Gazette]

Eliot Brown analyzes the group that David Paterson has appointed to find a new head for the Empire State Development Corporation. [The Real Estate

The Daily News turns up a letter Hillary Clinton wrote to Daniel Patrick Moynihan about health care. [DN

The San Francisco Chronicle editorial board comes to Obama’s defense. [SFGate]

The D.N.C. blog tries to explain just how pledged “pledged delegates" are. [Democratic Convention Watch

Michael Dukakis and George McGovern support the idea of a superdelegate convention. [Boston Globe

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