Socialite Slapdown: Round I Sees Olivia Palermo Triumphant

When Park Avenue Peerage posted an item about the Young Fellows of the Frick Collection gala yesterday, the site’s commenters went a little nuts.

One commenter said, “Byrdie Bell rocks, nobody even comes close!
“I have known Serena [Merriman] my entire life and the girl is 100% completely full of herself,” said another. And there was this one: “Byrdie, Tinsley, Barbara look stunning!” And this one: “What happened to Annelise? Tinsley is sweet, Byrdie is sweet albeit cro-magnon, even Lydia is nice but she is always on autopilot and just needs to CHILL, however, Annelise is unequivocally a bitch.”

Okay, so remember that little Socialite Slapdown site that we mentioned we were running? Why not let your frustrations—or admirations—out on there?

Round I results are in and according to all of you, Ivanka Trump beats out Minnie Mortimer in the Brains category, while Olivia Palermo won the Brio match against Paul Johnson-Calderone!

Want more? Okay. Fabiola Beracasa triumphed over Marjorie Gubelmann Raein in the Beauty category and Zani Gugelmann over Maggie Betts. Go and see the rest of the results for yourself!