Solar Panels, Clean Air

Michael Bloomberg is proposing solar panels on city-owned buildings. [The Real Estate]

Andrew Cuomo announced that New York will get $9.5 million from a settlement under the Clean Air Act. [Politics on the Hudson]

A superdelegate switches from Hillary Clinton to undeclared. [Examiner via Ben]

On the Brennan Center blog, a writer notes, “Congestion pricing is survived by an arcane and less-than-fully democratic rules process in Albany.” [ReformNY]

The Clinton campaign launches five ads in Pennsylvania. [The Page]

The Obama campaign launches an ad featuring his grandmother, wife and sister. [TPM

Ed Rendell says he would have gotten rid of Mark Penn entirely. [USA Today]

David Finkelstein suspects that Tony Blair supports John McCain. [Times of London]

Clinton watches basketball, apparently. [CNN]

Solar Panels, Clean Air