Stan Lee: Pretty Fly for an Old Guy

More from Oliver Haydock at the New York Comic Con.

A panel composed of some of the most celebrated artists in Comic Book history, including Marvel Comics luminary Stan Lee and Captain America creator Joe Simon, gathered for a forum at New York Comic Con on Friday afternoon. The nine artists fielded questions from movie producer and comic historian Michael Uslan about their artistic inspirations and their experiences in the industry. The affection and friendship between the artists was palpable, and they often interrupted each other’s answers with vaudevillian wisecracks, mostly about aging, hairlines, or mustaches.

Mr. Lee looked sharp for an octogenarian, wearing a crisp white button-down shirt and a shiny pair of aviator sunglasses (the event was held indoors). When Lee was asked who his favorite artist was, he was quick to mention Mr. Simon, who Mr. Lee claimed “has never gotten enough credit.” Mr. Simon was equally effusive with Mr. Lee and the other artists on the panel, but spent most of his time pining for a return of the original Captain America. He also noted: “I’m the oldest guy here, you know.”

Murphy Anderson, an inker of such characters as Hawkman and Batgirl, thanked the audience for braving the traffic and tight security around New York City because of the pope’s visit. “This,” Mr. Uslan quipped, “is what happens when Stan Lee is in town.”