The First Wives Club

As Camille Andrews embarks upon a congressional campaign that may or not be a placeholder candidacy, she might consider the recent history of wives running for office while their husbands are also running.

When Nevada Congressman Jim Gibbons ran for Governor in 2006, his wife, Dawn Gibbons, ran for his open House seat. She finished third in the GOP primary with 25% of the vote, and Jim Gibbons narrowly won the GOP primary. And in 2002, Arkansas First Lady Janet Huckabee ran for Secretary of State and lost 62%-38% in the same election her husband, Mike Huckabee, was re-elected Governor by a 53%-47% margin.

In New Jersey, Helen Stevenson Meyner, whose husband was the Governor from 1964 to 1962, ran for Congress in 1972 and lost 56%-43%. But two years later, in the Watergate year, Meyner ran again and ousted Republican incumbent Joseph Maraziti by a 57%-43% margin.

The exception to the rule may be Hillary Clinton, who won a New York U.S. Senate seat in 2000, but her husband was from Arkansas.