The Lineup: April 16, 2008

Felix Gillette braves the crowds outside NBC’s Today Show to find Katie Couric’s most loyal fans. “‘Katie’s hot,’ said Craig Bellew, who was visiting from Clarkesville, Ga. ‘She should come right back here. I grew up watching her on Today. And it’s easier to say her name then—what’s the other girl’s name? Anyway. She’s hot.’

Speaking of Ms. Couric, John Koblin looks at how a whiff of a story (Katie Out at CBS?) becomes conventional wisdom in our Print 2.0 world. The New York Times. ‘It used to be you came in the next day and your editor would say, “Well, we won today,” or she’d say, “Looks like we got beat like a drum,” and that would be the end of it. Now it’s this ongoing game of catching up and staying ahead.'”

Leon Neyfakh has more on Dale Peck and Tim Kring’s whopping $3 Million book deal. “‘Truth be told, when Tim got into the room and talked about what he had done with Heroes, what he had planned to do and how he had conceived of this book as a transmedia project, it was lightning in a bottle,’ said Richard Abate, head of the New York-based literary division of the Hollywood talent agency Endeavor…”

Irina Aleksander attends The Paris Review‘s Spring Revel along with literary lights like Richard Price, Joan Didion, E.L. Doctorow and Tinsley Mortimer. “Literary magazines publishing today are more glamorous than The Paris Review was when it began; they tend to come out of university communities,” Doctorow says. “But we need every one of them.” Plus: Meredith Bryan attends a Vogue/Gap bash along with Amy Sedaris. “I like the guys bringing around the food. You know, they’re models,” says Ms. Sedaris.