This Bud's For … U.K.: Harmony Korine Directs Beer Ads Across the Pond

Here in the U.S., Budweiser commercials tend to conjure images of sweaty dudes and babes throwing back a few cold ones under the sun or, more recently, of some red-blooded Bud spokesman explaining the science behind the King of Beer’s “unique seven-step brewing process” to thirsty patrons in a sports bar. But The Great American Lager had something else in mind for selling its brand across the pond. That something was Harmony Korine. Yes, the writer and director behind such WTF?!-inspiring indie classics as Kids, Gummo and Julien Donkey-Boy has directed two new U.K. spots intended to “refresh Budweiser’s image for the British market.” The roughly minute-long ads feature “a group of Nashville musicians jamming with beer bottles and kegs as instruments.” The second one begins with an older, Western-clad gent proclaiming in a thick southern drawl, “Your people love you. Your audience loves you. LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARRRRTEEEED!” (U.S.A.!) Now if that doesn’t sell some beer, we don’t know what will.