Thompson Urges Passage of Congestion Pricing (and Suggests Some Changes)

City comptroller Bill Thompson, who is also a possible mayoral candidate, just released a letter to Governor David Paterson that urges state lawmakers to pass congestion pricing by the April 7 deadline.

There are, however, a few amendments he would like to see.

Thompson wants to eliminate the discount that drivers would receive if they pay the tolls prior to entering the congestion pricing district. As the letter puts it, that change “ensures that all drivers will contribute equally.”

Second, the comptroller specifically wants 77.5 percent of congestion pricing revenues to go to New York City Transit and M.T.A. Bus Company capital needs. Right now, there isn’t a specific percentage allocated to those programs.

Lastly, Thompson wants drivers with E-Z pass to be allowed to enter the zone for free after 10 a.m., up to three times per month.

But he is not threatening to withdraw support.

“Nevertheless,” he writes in conclusion, “I remain supportive of the overall initiative and strongly urge its passage.”