Tina Brown and Barry Diller to Start an ‘Aggregator Site’

Over at Radar, Neel Shah is reporting that Tina Brown is partnering with Barry Diller to develop what Ms. Brown called “a new take on an aggregator website.”

Edward Felsenthal, a former editor of the Wall Street Journal, will be the editor. There aren’t many other details—Brown didn’t give a launch date, or really any specifics—but apparently there will be no “ideological stance.”

So will it be more like the Huffington Post or Michael Woolf’s aggregator web site, Newser? To wit, Nick Denton asked Woolf for a comment, and he wrote an email back taking a predictably easy swipe: “I have great admiration for Tina and Barry, but the last time I looked Tina was still having trouble getting her email, and Barry … well I think he has a few things to resolve before he puts his mind to the online news business.”