Touch Her in the Morning! At Ritzy Spa, Diana Ross Submits to Supreme Spring Cleanse

Earlier last month, the singer Diana Ross made one of her regular pilgrimages to Canyon Ranch, the award-winning, 80,000-square-foot spa in Tucson.

“You can’t miss her—she has the huge ’fro,” one of the washed, waxed, plucked, scrubbed, stretched-out, rubbed-up and fiercely dieting guests was overheard remarking to friends. Ms. Ross is not one to scrape her locks back in a ponytail while working out, confirmed a source in the spa, who added that the diva likes the anti-aging treatment, a 50-minute facial that leaves skin “smooth, hydrated and radiant with golden glints,” as it’s described in Canyon Ranch literature.

Ms. Ross goes to “CR” a few times a year to “cleanse her soul,” the source offered, usually buying a 7-to-10-day package, which retails from $12,180 to $16,730 for a single room. The singer is a fiend for yoga and Pilates classes, added the informant, but does not rock-climb. “She’ll sign autographs if you ask. She signed the calendar of workout classes for someone.”

The former Supreme is slightly less relaxed about her placement at dinner. “She has to have this one seat ever single time, very OCD,” said the spy, describing a four-person booth in the corner, to the left as one enters the enormous dining hall. Enjoying the daily fresh organic salad bar along with everyone else, Ms. Ross was said to be particularly enamored of the Brussels sprouts, which are drizzled with delicious homemade dressing.

An elderly couple from the Midwest, meanwhile, became so fixated on Ms. Ross’ routine that after she left they captured the memory with a photo of “her” empty corner table. “It was hysterical,” the source snickered.

A rep for the Motown legend didn’t return a call for comment.

Touch Her in the Morning! At Ritzy Spa, Diana Ross Submits to Supreme Spring Cleanse