Watergate Revisionism: Fox Journalist Expiates John Mitchell

Historically, members of the reading public who are interested in refreshing their understanding of Watergate have tended to turn to a couple of guys, who, like Mr. Rosen, report on the world of Washington, D.C.—albeit for The Washington Post, not Fox News. Can Mr. Rosen break Messrs. Woodward and Bernstein’s stranglehold on the subject?

“For what I think are self-interested reasons, certain individuals have pushed to the fore, around Watergate anniversaries, the question of, ‘Who was Deep Throat?” said Mr. Rosen. “My contrarian conclusion was that The Washington Post was largely extraneous to the outcome of Watergate. So, too, were Woodward and Bernstein.”

Gauntlet: thrown.

According to Mr. Rosen, his book will draw on hundreds of thousands of unpublished documents and tapes, including whole archives of previously untapped official Watergate evidence. “What is there new to be said about Watergate?” said Mr. Rosen. “The answer is plenty. There are whole archives of evidence that have been unexamined.”

In recent weeks, Mr. Rosen has filed stories for Fox News about subjects ranging from Hillary Clinton to David Paterson to Condoleezza Rice. Come publication time, don’t expect him to suddenly switch over on the air to covering the late John Mitchell.

Sometime soon, however, Mr. Rosen is scheduled to do an hourlong interview on C-SPAN with Brian Lamb.

“He used to work for the Nixon administration, so he’s keenly interested in the subject matter,” said Mr. Rosen. “Fox News and C-SPAN are in the same building in Washington, and every time I run into him in the coffee shop downstairs, he says, ‘Where is this book already?’ He’s been waiting patiently for a decade now.”

Watergate Revisionism: Fox Journalist Expiates John Mitchell