Whatsa Matter With Choo?

Meanwhile, the specious argument that these shoes are actually “sculptural” objets d’art (that depreciate immediately upon wearing, we hasten to add!) was burbling at the Prada store in Soho—once, let’s recall, the downtown outpost of the Guggenheim museum.

“I think maybe there are people who look and say, ‘Oh, that’s horrible,’” said Andrea Bettiol, who was visiting New York from Brazil, gesturing toward a $700 pair of Wavy Gravys. “It’s the same as art. There are a lot of people who see a picture and the paint and say, ‘Oh! This is just white paint, I can’t understand.’ Taste is taste.”

So would she buy them? “Never. It’s too expensive.”

The renowned artist, photographer and self-portraitist Cindy Sherman was also shopping at the store, which she clearly does often, greeted as she was with kisses by the staff. So what did she think of the shoes?

“These crazy heels, and the colors and just all the textures … it’s just so inventive,” Ms. Sharman gushed. “And it just seems really fun.”

Maybe these shoes just need a bona fide intellectual to appreciate them; someone with less quotidian concerns than pleasing men or, you know, walking down the streets of New York looking relatively pulled-together and sane.

“Oh, yeah, oh, yeah,” Ms. Sherman said, when asked if she would actually purchase one of these Prada-trocities. “I don’t have a top choice yet, but probably one of the ones with the crazy heels.”

Whatsa Matter With Choo?