Who Should Replace Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation?

Eric Schmeltzer, a New York–based independent political correspondent, said that given that Sunday mornings are already saturated with serious, balanced news programs, CBS could try an alternative approach. Perhaps by tapping a comedian (say, Tina Fey) or an outspoken liberal (say, Bill Moyers).

The Slip Back: Gloria Borger

Last year Ms. Borger, the network’s former national political correspondent and erstwhile Face the Nation panelist, left CBS News for CNN. Ms. Borger has all the qualifications—sharp, nonpartisan, Sunday-talk-show-savvy—to possibly make her ex-executives yearn for a second go-round. But would CBS really go with two ladies at the top of their news division? Perhaps. And, given the opportunity, Hillary Clinton might choose a female running mate.

Chasing-a-Younger-Demo Strategy: Anderson Cooper

Historically, CBS News has seemed to prefer hiring broadcast rather than cable news talent. But in the never-ending search for younger viewers, it might make sense for CBS to add a youngish anchor from the cable news ranks. Mr. Moonves has already tapped CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who is 40, as a contributor to 60 Minutes. Might he reach to Mr. Cooper again? Other possible young cable talents on the rise: Fox News’ Shepard Smith, 44; MSNBC’s David Gregory, 37; and CNN’s John King, 43.

The Recasting, Reshuffling Strategy: Katie Couric

With CBS Evening News stuck in a distant third place in the evening news wars, Mr. Moonves could use the Sunday morning opening as an opportunity to juggle his top news talent.

Reese Schonfeld, the former president of CNN, said that if it were up to him, he would move Ms. Couric to Face the Nation, expand her role on 60 Minutes, give her a series of prime-time specials, à la Barbara Walters, and recruit somebody else for the Evening News. “She’d probably end up making more money for the company that way than by sticking around doing the third-place evening show,” said Mr. Schonfeld.

A Dean of the Washington Press Corps: Dan Balz

CBS could add some gravitas at the top of its news division by hiring someone with a strong print background in politics, such as Mr. Balz, of The Washington Post; or Ron Brownstein, the political director of the Atlantic Media Co.; or Jon Meacham, the editor of Newsweek.

A Twofer Times Two: Matt Lauer.

Poaching Katie Couric from rival Jeff Zucker didn’t exactly torpedo the moneymaking machine that is Today quite as quickly as Mr. Moonves would have liked. Time to finish the job?

Who Should Replace Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation?