Will Mortgage Master Melissa Cohn Go On Old Pal Jeff Appel's New Talk Show?

Starting in June, mortgage broker Jeff Appel will co-host a new hour-long program called NY Residential TV.

Airing Sundays at 9 a.m. on CW11, the show teaches New Yorkers about “preparing appetizers for open houses,” real estate investment, and decorating.

In this week’s Sit-Down, The Observer asked Mr. Appel’s old boss, mortgage queen Melissa Cohn, about their relationship. It’s safe to say she probably won’t be preparing any cocktail weenies for the cameras:

Observer: You and your old mortgage broker Jeff Appel are like the real estate agents Dolly Lenz and Michael Shvo—Mr. Appel worked for you and was very successful, but then he left. When you were at the top, he was around No. 8 …

Cohn: He was not No. 8, no. [Ed. Note: He was No. 11.]

He left for a rival mortgage broker in 2005. Do you still speak to him?

I speak to him when I see him at events.