A Trump University Alumnus, a Czech Supermodel and an Upper East Side Listing

We knew buyers are being a bit more finicky these days, but is the market so bad that a broker needs to hire a supermodel to unload two prime Upper East Side listings?

Page Six reported that supermodel/tsunami survivor Petra Nemcova has partnered with a mysterious new one-man brokerage called Aglow Properties to sell two apartments in the $25 million range at Fifth Avenue and 80th Street and on Park Avenue in the 60’s.

Details on the stunning partnership, the Czech beauty’s role, and the listings are still unclear–Aglow’s Web site is only one page with a logo and a phone number for broker Ron Schnackenberg, who used to be the head of sales at Trump University, according to his Linked profile.

We couldn’t get a hold of Mr. Schnackenberg, but he wrote on Linked: “The establishment of Aglow Properties allows my knowledge to combine with the client network and life experiences of my partners Petra and Olga Nemcova. Our referred only clients have exclusive access to the world’s most elite properties, establish lifelong cash flow and purchase the world’s most prestigious residential properties.”