Andrews hits back with anti-Lautenberg Web site

Not to be outdone by Frank Lautenberg’s Web site tying him to President Bush’s Iraq policies, Rep. Rob Andrews announced the creation of his own site today.

The site outlines what Andrews says are Lautenberg’s contradictions – from his call for 21 debates with Millicent Fenwick in 1982 to his early support for the Iraq War.

“Nothing speaks louder than a man’s own words and actions,” said Andrews Campaign Chairman Mike Murphy. “This website lets Sen. Lautenberg’s record speak for itself.”

Lautenberg spokeswoman Julie Roginsky said the site was a smokescreen.

“It’s understandable that Rob Andrews would want to talk about websites, broadband or anything else to divert attention from his co-authorship of the Iraq war resolution and his lobbying on behalf of the Bush Administration to get us into the war,” she said.

Andrews hits back with anti-Lautenberg Web site