‘Blood in the Water’ Surrounds Elusive Macklowe

So, he tried to sell the GM Building, but all the bids, including from Mort Zuckerman and Larry Silverstein, came up short, said the source.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to many, Mr. Macklowe was quietly marketing a stake in his other buildings. Not, mind you, the Equity Office portfolio, which, despite its name, does not have much equity in it, but rather his GM Building and his less leveraged (and more valuable) holdings, like 125 West 55th Street; 1330 Avenue of the Americas; 510 Madison Avenue, which he’s developing; 400 Madison Avenue; 540 Madison Avenue; and 610 Broadway.

In other words, Mr. Macklowe began marketing the opportunity to invest in his other portfolio of buildings, while still retaining a stake in them.

To whom would such a deal be attractive? Not the Larry Silversteins of the world, who’d rather own a building outright, said the source familiar with the negotiations.

“For a lot of the Canadians, because of the tax treaties between the two countries, it’s better for them to be in the minority positions. And the guy in the Middle East, what does he know about New York real estate? He can invest his money passively, and enjoy the benefits of having a local expert.”

The speculation that a structured deal is in the works was backed up by a separate source, also familiar with the negotiations.

“I’m told that they’re close to some structured deal that values the GM Building around $2.9 or $3 billion,” he said. “I think it will be sold. I don’t see how it cannot be, and be resolved in any shape and form.”

These sales matter, not just because of the sheer enormity of the portfolios on the market right now, but because they’ll provide a marker for the prices of future Manhattan investment sales.

“It will serve as a gauge for where the market is going,” said one commercial real estate bigwig. “It will certainly have an impact on sales prices.”

But in the absence of any concrete information, would-be buyers and would-be sellers sit tight. And wait. And gossip.

“If we’re selling a hotel, we start by talking about Macklowe; if we’re selling a development site, we start by talking about Macklowe,” said Mr. Anton. “You’ve got two of the biggest deals in history, plus you’ve got the Drake Hotel, arguably one of the best development sites in the city, in play. There’s so much in play, there’s so much to gossip about.”

‘Blood in the Water’ Surrounds Elusive Macklowe