Did Real Estate's Wonkiest Web Site Inspire New Josh Hartnett/David Bowie Film?

Besides the thrill of watching David Bowie lean forward all Bond-villian-like and say, “We don’t much like the way you conduct your business,” the trailer for the new Josh Hartnett film August will thrill New York real estate wonks that use the research Web site PropertyShark.

Mr. Hartnett plays Tom Sterling, a luxury car-driving, babe-bedding start-up mogul behind an Internet start-up called LandShark. It’s not clear what kind of Web site it is (“What do you actually do?” says Rip Torn, “Why the hell would somebody give you a million dollars?”), but the names are pretty absurdly similar.

PropertyShark founder Matthew Haines responded thusly: “I watched the trailer and found no similarities with PropertyShark,” so apparently there won’t be any thrilling lawsuits.

Bonus: Anyone who can name the creepy glam-era film that co-starred Messrs. Torn and Bowie will get a free bag of popcorn from The New York Observer‘s real estate writers