Dolans Meet with Pesky Shareholders! ‘Did I Hit You Where It Hurts?’ Asks One

Yesterday at Cablevision’s annual shareholders meeting, Cablevision boss Charles Dolan acknowledged that he’s not quite sure what he got himself into with buying Newsday.

“We’re very aware of our inexperience with newspapers,” he said.


“We plan to consult widely and seek advice from people who have backgrounds and are professionals in the field.”

Then his son, James Dolan, got into an entertaining dust-up with an unhappy shareholder. Newsday reports:

Gloria Parker, a Laurel Hollow musician, called on Cablevision to “immediately” give up its pursuit of Newsday because it would “monopolize and cripple vital news coverage on Long Island.” Her criticism included “shock” at the Newsday purchase price and a swipe at the management of Cablevision’s New York Knicks.

That’s when chief executive James Dolan indicated her speaking time was up. “I think you just reached your two minutes,” he said.

“Did I hit you where it hurts?” retorted Parker.

Dolan told her, “You don’t get to speak anymore,” and gave her “one more opportunity to sit down.” When she didn’t, he said, “Sit down please.”

Parker then took her seat.

And remember: it took the Dolans only two days to rankle the masses in the newsroom at Newsday.