Elsewhere: October Surprise, Under the Table

Harold Ickes invokes the “October Surprise” when talking about Barack Obama.

Al Gore says he “hasn’t been moved” to endorse either Democrat.

Howard Dean says he’s hoping for a compromise on Florida and Michigan delegates by the end of the month.

Oprah’s best friend is still helping Obama.

A new web site–first of many?– advocates a Dream Ticket.

According to an adviser, Hillary Clinton can drink John McCain under the table.

Marc Ambinder thinks McCain’s recent speeches try to “put the genie back in bottle” about the judiciary.

The state is getting ready to bail out O.T.B. so the city doesn’t have to.

The Landmarks Commission turned down the massive proposed plan for St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Staten Island Democrats aren’t saying much about Republican Vito Fossella’s D.W.I. arrest.

A same-sex marriage case was kicked back down to a lower court.

Rumored mayoral hopeful Marty Markowitz will deliver the commencement speech at City Tech graduation in Manhattan next month.

And Tom Suozzi, who swears he’s not running for statewide office, was just named the 2008 Environmentalist of the Year by the New York State League of Conservation Voters.

Elsewhere: October Surprise, Under the Table