Fossella’s Future

Vito Fossella’s spokespeople won’t say whether he’ll run for reelection, according to an item in Crain’s today.

“Politics is not what he’s focused on now,” Susan Del Percio–Fossella’s political consultant–is quoted as saying. “He’s focused on doing his job.”

The Republican congressman’s D.U.I. arrest in Virginia last week has led to greater scrutiny of his personal life and some speculation that he fathered a child with a woman in the D.C. area.

I emailed Fossella’s legislative spokesman, Craig Donner, to ask if Fossella plans to finish the remainder of his term and if he plans to run again. Donner referred my question to Del Percio, who did not immediately respond.

Both Fossella’s Democratic challengers, Domenic Recchia and Stephen Harrison, told me yesterday they are campaigning under the assumption that Fossella will be the candidate.

Fossella’s Future