15CPW Alert! Somebody Really Likes to Buy There

At least a dozen people at 15 Central Park West have thrown out an extra $800,000 or so for a pied a terre for the help to complement their own palatial condos. Penthouse owner Sanford Weil even paid $950,000 for a second unit that we can only assume is a closet since it is not denoted by the S-prefix–supposedly the S stands for “suite,” but we can’t help but notice that it’s also the first letter of the word staff.

But apparently two trophy apartments is no longer enough. A company called the Alko Group paid a little over $22 million for one of the six penthouses in the building, in its third condo purchase there in less than six months, city records show.

The Alko Group started small, buying a 1,034-square-foot, sixth-floor condo in November for $1.925 and a $600,000 suite in March. Today, the deed for the jewel in Alko’s 15 CPW portfolio appeared on city records. A man named Andrey M. Kaydin took out a $12 million mortgage on all three properties on April 29.