J School Students to Star in Scintillating Film about J School

Tomorrow and for the next few days, Columbia School of Journalism students will star in a short, and surely quite unjournalistic, film about Columbia J School.

Sounds scintillating, no?

The graduate school’s associate dean for communications sent out the following email today to give both the camera-wary and the hams among the student body a heads up:

There will be a film crew at the J School beginning tomorrow, and forseveral days over the next couple of weeks. This is for a short film we are producing to illustrate life at the J School. The Admissions Office will use it at open houses and information sessions, and we will also put it online for visitors to our website to view. We will have two versions: one quick 3-minute version, and a longer (8-10 minute) version with more content.”

If you see the camera crew filming, and do not wish to be included,
please notify the field producer…

Grousing about the tuition will probably work, too.