Limbaugh Democrats, Quinn’s Reforms

Rush Limbaugh asked his listeners to vote for Hillary Clinton in Indiana. They may be doing so. [Indianapolis Star]

Christine Quinn may be withdrawing one of her most controversial reform proposals. [City Hall Insider]

Bill Clinton once put stock in what economists say. [TPM]

Susan Sarandon tells Irina Aleksander she’s “disappointed” in Clinton. [Daily Transom]

Lysandra Ohrstrom reports from the meeting of the Rent Guidelines Board last night. [The Real Estate]

The federal government is ready to rule on whether Oneida Indians can put some land in trust, but Chuck Schumer wants to delay the decision. [Times Herald-Record]

Liz reports little obvious tension between Judith Kaye and Tom DiNapoli last night, despite the lawsuit. [DP]

Is Facebook over as a political organizing tool? [techPresident]

Jason Horowitz tells Pat Healy how covering Hillary Clinton is like covering the pope. [NY Times]

Limbaugh Democrats, Quinn’s Reforms