Morning Memo: Bad Karma for Sharon Stone; Secret Straight Lives of Gossip Girl Gays Revealed!

Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford post their very private photos on the very public Photobucket. And there is one where Chuck–sorry, Mr. Westwick–is in bed with a girl! [Gawker]

Steven Tyler said he checked into rehab to treat a foot injury, which is of course a specialty of Celebrity Rehab‘s Dr. Drew. [US Weekly]

Meanwhile, Kirsten Dunst is being questioned going to rehab for depression since Cirque Lodge said it does not admit people to treat just depression. [Radar]

Tom Werner, Katie Couric’s ex, has moved on to Alexandra von Furstenberg, the former wife of Diane’s son. [P6]

Kate Hudson had Lance Armstrong come and visit her on the set of Bride Wars when she was shooting at the Plaza late Wednesday night. [P6]

Sharon Stone has been dropped from all the Dior advertisements across China for her comments about the Myanmar earthquake being karma. [NY Times]

Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth will reportedly be made into an opera. [NY Daily News]

Britney Spears wants her own television show. [NY Daily News]