Morning Memo: Gallerist Caught on Tape; Hills Star Caught at 7-11

Plum TV has posted a video of the infamous Hamptons gallerist getting arrested for serving alcohol illegally and resisting arrest. Oh, and it’s narrated by Kelly Killoren Bensimon! [Plum TV via Daily Intel]

Screenwriter David Benioff and wife, Amanda Peet, like to get it on in bathtubs. [P6]

Michael Lohan said he didn’t look at daughter, Lindsay Lohan’s nude Marilyn photos, doesn’t care whether she’s having girl love with Samantha Ronson. [NY Daily News]

Jennifer Hudson wants to be honest: She didn’t like Andre Leon Talley’s styling of her at the Oscars. [The Cut]

Sex and The City finally premiered here last night, followed by an after-party at Museum of Modern Art… And after-after party at Bemelman’s bar at which Michael Patrick King said, “was even better than the official party because it felt clubby. Only the people we were actually close with were here.” [ US Weekly]

The Hills‘ Whitney Port stopped at a 7-Eleven in East Hampton for some soy nuts following her Social Life magazine party. [NY Daily News]

Dylan McDermott is representing himself in a divorce against wife, Shiva Rose. [P6]