Morning Memo: Hannah Montana Gets Called to the Principal’s Office; Latest Vogue Pseudo-Intern Sean Avery

Leighton Meester goes on Conan O’Brian and totally doesn’t act like Blair. [Daily Intel]

The newest pseudo-intern at the Vogue mothership is New York Ranger, Sean Avery, who like most Conde interns might travel to the European couture shows with Anna. [WWD]

Bonnie Fuller has reportedly been fired by American Media and may be looking for a job. [P6]

The Daily News’ Krissy Mac gossip column is dunso and it thanks Britney’s rise and fall for its existence. [NY Daily News]

Donald Trump is sore at a luxury condo developer in Israel for using the Trump name to increase the property value and then flipping it without any royalties going to the Donald. [P6]

The Hannah Montana madness might finally be coming to an end as the young pop singer’s ratings are tanking and she’s being accused of plagiarizing songs. [P6]