Morning Memo: Has Keith McNally Found His Beatrice? David Lauren, You Beast!

Heatherette boys Richie Rich and Traver Rains may not be breaking up after all. [Fashion Week Daily]

After not being invited to Jenna Bush’s wedding over the weekend, Lauren Bush’s boyfriend, David Lauren (Raph’s son) decided that the best way to spend his weekend would be to flirt with Greenwich magazine staffer Jennifer Danzi and ask for her number. That’ll change the Bushes’ opinion of him! [P6]

Most important news of the day: Keith McNally might be buying The Beatrice Inn! [Radar]

And worst news of the day: Women who slept with William Shatner liked to say in bed, “So, this is what it’s like to be in bed with Captain Kirk!” [P6]

Tory Burch is reportedly dating Warner Music Group C.E.O. Lyor Cohen. [P6]

Sex and The City: The Movie premiered in London yesterday and everyone won’t shut up about Sarah Jessica Parker’s garden hat. [NY Daily News]

Meanwhile SATC‘s Cynthia Nixon said that she would wed girlfriend Christine Marinoni if gay marriage were to become legal in New York. [NY Daily News]

Beyonce might be pregnant. [P6]