Morning Memo: Leonardo DiCaprio, Bicycle Babe; Jenna Bush’s Big Fat Presidential Wedding

O.K., so we knew that Leonardo DiCaprio was like the first person to buy a Toyota Prius, but last week he even rode up to the opening of Bonhams Flagship Showroom with his mom on bikes, and parked right out front on 57th and Madison. [P6]

David Mamet interviews himself about his new film. [New Yorker]

Sarah Jessica Parker will not be going on the Home Shopping Network to promote her perfume for obvious reasons. [P6]

And in Sex and The City: The Movie, Ms. Parker wears 81 different outfits, and her co-stars 200 outfits on top of that. [The Cut]

Gasp! Rupert Murdoch was overheard talking favorably about Barack Obama. [NY Daily News]

Jenna Bush got married at her family’s ranch in Crawford, Texas over the weekend and you can see a handy slide show here. [P6]