Morning Memo: Liv and Royston Split; Jeff Zucker’s Secret; Paul Giamatti to Play Dick Cheney?

Page Six meant to report that Katie Couric might be returning to NBC when Jeff Zucker was spotted visiting her Upper East Side apartment, but instead totally outed Mr. Zucker to his wife! The NBC Universal CEO was simply picking up a gift that he asked Katie to buy for his wife for mother’s day. [P6]

Nina Garcia might be following the cameras and going over to Marie Claire just as Project Runway chucks Elle to make the magazine its new sponsor. [The Cut]

Alec Baldwin tells 60 Minutes that before he left that sweet voice mail for his daughter, he was thinking of running for office and he still might do it! [P6]

Liv Tyler and husband Royston Langdon have officially announced their separation. [NY Daily News]

Jamie Johnson, the Johnson heir and that guy that made Born Rich, is blogging for Vanity Fair, says Wasps are the hot new thing. [Daily Intel]

Paul Giamatti is being considered for the part of Dick Cheney in Oliver Stone’s W biopic about George Bush. [EW]