Morning Memo: OMFG! Lydia Hearst is Engaged! Also, Leslie Stahl Channels Serial Mom

According to her Facebook profile, Lydia Hearst is engaged! After just one week of dating Matt Rains, Trevor Rains’ brother, the twinkly-eyed socialite posted the update: “Lydia Marie Hearst Shaw went from being ‘it’s complicated’ to ‘engaged.’ [Daily Intel]

While giving a commencement speech at the Jesuit-run Loyola College, Lesley Stahl said “pusillanimous,” adding that “it doesn’t have nothing to do with “p—y.” She then tried to say that she said pussycat, but it was too late for the innocent ears of the graduates’ parents. [P6]

Lindsay Lohan does not want your mink coat. She already has one, and no, it’s not the one she stole. [P6]

Silda Wall Spitzer emerges at Children for Children benefit looking hot and cracking jokes. [NY Daily News]

Charlie Sheen releases emails sent to his fiance, Brooke Mueller, by Denise Richards exlaining why she wants him to be her sperm donor. [NY Daily News]

Karl Lagerfeld knows 20 different ballroom dances, likes to Cha-Cha and do the Waltz. [The Cut]

Steven Tyler has entered rehab. [US Weekly]