Morning Memo: Smooch! Happy Birthday, Israel! Meanwhile, Some People Hate on Baba Wawa

Amanda Peet can’t get enough room for herself and her stroller on the Philly-New York Acela train. [P6]

When resourceful socialite Lydia Hearst can’t get a little champagne, she simply mixes white wine with club soda. [P6]

Billy Crystal, Kirk and Michael Douglas, Donald Trump, Tom Cruise, and others celebrated Israel’s 60th birthday in Times Square yesterday. [NY Daily News]

In an alternate universe that some call the real world, Gossip Girl’s Serena (Blake Lively) and Dan (Penn Badgely) are officially dating! [People]

Barbara Walters responds to Star Jones: “Poor woman…I wish her well.” Ouch! [US Weekly]

Meanwhile everyone from Christie Brinkley to Marc Dice, spokesperson for conservative media watchdog group The Resistance, are hating on Barbara. [P6]