Morning Memo: Tom Wolfe Burps After Chris Tennant’s Book; Agyness Deyn to Williamsburg!

Agyness Deyn has been acting in a film currently being shot on Long Island and written and directed by her band-mate, 19-year-old Alanna Masterson, Danny Masterson’s sister. [The Cut]

Ms. Deyn has also finally found her home in Williamsburg, where she will likely have a less famous face. [P6]

A real Upper East Side Gossip Girl, Miss ITK (In The Know), terrorizes Dalton students; writes, “My dear butterflies, all that’s good, bad and scandalous in the lives of 2012’s socially elite.” [Daily Intel]

Tom Wolfe says that Chris Tennant’s new book, The Official Flthy Rich Handbook, “is like eating 12 baked Alaskas in a row.” Which is a good thing, right? [P6]

Slow news day: Harrison Ford split his pants in Cannes. [NY Daily News]