No Name-Dropping in $46 M. Brooke Astor Apartment Listing, But Floorplan’s Gargantuan!

floorplan No Name Dropping in $46 M. Brooke Astor Apartment Listing, But Floorplans Gargantuan!The massive listing for the late Brooke Astor’s duplex at 778 Park Avenue is finally online, and it’s the kind of thing that real estate obsessives will salivate over for years. Leighton Candler, the broker who beat out four other super-powerful brokerages–read what Ms. Astor’s daughter-in-law had to say about her here–put up four flowery interior shots, but the real keeper is the floorplan.

You rarely see the words "private landing" or "vault" these days, but they’re printed side-by-side here–right off the 30-foot-long gallery, which also happens to have a wet bar.

Then there are 20 closets, plus a "dressing room," plus a walk-in-closet off a guest bedroom, plus a linen-closet near the servant’s hall. And there are terraces everywhere, of course–off two bedrooms, off the sitting room, off the dining room, and two off the library. Every room with a terrace, except that sitting room, has a wood-burning fireplace too.

On the downside, the monthly maintenance is $17,251, according to the listing, and the building apparently wants 100 percent down. Plus, an interior designer’s name makes its way into the listing (“the well renowned Albert Hadley red lacquer”), but there’s absolutely no mention of Astor. Maybe all that scandal dinged the apartment’s provenance? Or maybe her classic surname is still holy–too holy to drop into a real estate lsiting.