Obama Calls Clinton on Gas-Tax Holiday: It’s ‘Her and John McCain’

barackobama4 0 Obama Calls Clinton on Gas Tax Holiday: Its Her and John McCain INDIANAPOLIS–Barack Obama just held a conference here in Indianapolis to talk about the struggling economy and the failure of his opponents to responsibly address problems like rising gas prices. Before taking questions, he gave a brief opening statement.

“Senator Clinton demanded that everyone go on the record on this issue,” referring to her push for a gas-tax holiday. “She even borrowed one of President Bush’s favorite phrases, and said that every member of Congress had to tell her”—here he raised the volume of his voice—”‘Are they with us or against us?’”

He then listed all the uncommitted office holders and even Clinton supporters who have called the gas-tax holiday a bad idea.

“But Senator Clinton does have some support for her plan in Congress,” he said. “After all, the person who first proposed it was John McCain. So I guess
when she says ‘are you with us or against us,’ Senator Clinton is
referring to her and John McCain. That’s one vote she’s got, because on
this issue, Hillary Clinton and John McCain are reading from the same political playbook.

“This isn’t a real solution. It’s a political stunt. This is what Washington does whenever there’s a big problem. Politicians pretend that they’re looking out for you, but they’re just looking out for their poll numbers. Senator Clinton’s own staff even told The Washington Post that they knew the idea might not make much of a difference for you, but it could make a big difference for her campaign. And when the Clinton campaign was pressed to find a single expert who supported her plan—I’m not making this up—they put her campaign pollster on the phone to talk about how the idea polls well.”

UPDATE: The Clinton campaign responds.